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Eating less sugar is something that it gaining in popularity.

But why should we eat less sugar?

Did you know that eating excess sugar can lead to diabetes and weight gain? It can also affect our moods and concentration. It can cause a lot of problems to the healthy functioning of our bodies.

But sugar is found in over 80% of all products in our supermarkets! Plus there are as many as 60 different types of sugar. And further, most admissions to hospital are because of lifestyle choices, such as the food we choose to eat.

If you have a feeling that you are eating too much sugar, or you’d like to know why sugar is dangerous, or perhaps you want to know what to eat to make sure you avoid excess sugar – my Low Sugar Living Talk will answer these questions, and more.

I will show you how much sugar is found in perceived healthy foods, and why savoury foods are contributing to your sugar intake too. I’ll explain why it causes damage to our bodies by showing you how our hormones, organs, and cells work. But I’ll also go further and show you how to eat to avoid too much sugar. I will show the kinds of meals you can eat, but also give you a useful principle that will guide you in all your food decisions.

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What Is Low Sugar Living?

“Excess fructose from refined sources can cause damage to our liver through fatty liver symptoms. Excess fructose can also cause us to gain visceral fat, and raises our triglyceride levels.”

“Excess glucose from refined sources causes crazy insulin release patterns, which can damage our arteries, pancreas and heart. And not least cause us to hold onto and store a lot of fat.”


5 Steps to Low Sugar Living

“Drinking your sugar is a sure fire way to absolutely flood your body with fibreless, direct hit sugar. This stuff goes straight to work on turning into visceral fat and coating your organs. Cutting out drink as the first step will cut out such a huge portion of your sugar intake all at once, that your body will feel the benefits as soon as you stop.”

“If you are a sugar junkie in disguise (Breakfast cereals, fruit juice and low fat yogurt) then you are most likely always hungry, and constantly desiring something to eat, especially sweet stuff. To remedy this, you need to feel full. How? Eat real food.”


Mindset Changes for Low Sugar Living

“If you can’t accept yourself for who you are, nothing you do to change or improve on your life will ever stick. The reason being that we know that we aren’t being genuine.”

“Aside from this, the truth is that thoughts and feelings bubble up all the time. If we are trying to control them and push them away and distract ourselves from them, we are fighting a losing battle”