Healthy Cooking Demonstration

healthy cooking workshop with rebecca storch for greenbirdliving

I love simple, tasty meals! I love great flavours, whole foods, fresh ingredients – and short prep time!

My cooking is vegetarian, and I will use some animal products now and again (some butter usually, and some eggs too) but most of my meals are veg*n friendly.

If you’d like to know what to eat for vibrant health, balanced moods, and happier times in the kitchen, then I am available to share my cooking demonstration with you!

There will be tasters for all, and some participation too.

I will show you how to make smoothies, soups, raw meals, quick and easy cooked meals, and low sugar snacks and desserts.

For more info, e-mail me at:


Or find me on Facebook – Greenbird Living.

I look forwards to hearing from you!

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