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I’m passionate about holistic health. I believe that every part of our lives can affect us in many different ways. Everything is connected. That’s why, when I work with my health coaching clients I allow time to discuss every part of their lives, so that we can work out which areas are having an impact on them.

I’m also not prescriptive. I believe that no one knows us better than ourselves! For example, if we are not morning people, then there’s little use in setting the alarm super early for some morning exercise! Together we can work out new solutions that suit you. I enjoy working with people in this way, it creates a unique and specific remedy for what is bothering them. Perfectly tailored for their lives.

My part in the process is to ask those questions that make you stop and think. I’ll highlight possible connections that might have been hiding from your view.  I’ll give my opinion, and listen to your feedback. After years of researching addiction, habits, compulsions and healthy eating and living – my knowledge in these areas might awaken a realization within you, that will really boost your motivation and change!

I work with clients who come to me feeling

  • Tired
  • Anxious
  • Unmotivated to exercise
  • Unwell
  • Confused about the best diet for them
  • Unbalanced between life and work
  • Unable to move towards a healthier lifestyle

We meet in an place that is comfortable for you, and I will listen to what you need to say and what you feel stuck on. It will be a relaxed and easy conversation, with both of our energies working towards getting a solution that feels right for you. You will leave feeling inspired to look after yourself, armed with the information you need to get you on a better path.

I want my clients to feel completely positive within themselves. I want them to know that change is possible, health is possible, and happier times are soon to come!

If you are interested, then here’s how my Health Coaching Process works:

How Greenbird Living Health Coaching Works


I’m very relaxed – this is your health coaching after all! You can get in touch, organise as many sessions as you think you’ll need, in a place and at a time that’s convenient for you. We will talk about only what you really want to focus on.

After the initial consultation and sessions thereafter, I will e-mail you with the plan that you want, in a clear format for you to keep. You won’t get any plans that you haven’t agreed to.

My fees are very reasonable, as I think health coaching should be for everyone!

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I look forwards to hearing from you!


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