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What is The EAT|HAPPY Workshop?

Eating, and food, can be a pleasurable and enjoyable part of our lives. But for many of us we feel out of balance with our eating. Eating can be full of tension, stress, control, anxiety and upset. We feel so desperate to be healthy and look good, but can’t seem to get a handle on our eating habits. We may find we eat out of any number of reasons, only one of which is hunger.

For many, unbalanced eating habits start young. Those habits may have arisen out of a desire to look good or weigh less, or to fit in, or to exert control, or have a fixable problem when life’s problems were getting bigger and more out of our control.

For whatever reason, unbalanced eating leaves us upset and tired. Desperate for another way, we can’t understand how slim and healthy people seem so at ease with eating. Cooking is pleasurable for them and going out to eat isn’t a challenge. For unhappy eaters, cooking is a matter of counting calories and weighing out portions, and dining out is a practice of diligent scanning through the menu for what is okay to eat according to whichever diet they’re on at the moment.

If you feel this way, and are looking for a way to eat, and be happy, then the EAT|HAPPY workshop can truly help. It not only shows you ways of being happy with your eating, but addresses themes such as being content with your life and your self. Eating can be a reflection of many self-beliefs and fears.

How does the EAT|HAPPY Workshop run?

EAT|HAPPY is a kind, relaxed and informative workshop. You will be in a comfortable environment with a group of around 6-12 participants. The workshop usually runs for around 3 hours. In that time you will answer questions that will make you think about many things you take for granted. Through writing, talking, drawing, and discussion you will come to see many connections in your life and how you can find balance with them all.

The level of participation is completely up to you.

It is a good idea to bring pens and a notebook for your own reflections. Other materials will be provided on the day. Depending on the venue, tea and coffee will be served too.

Here’s the Group Event on Facebook, where you can find out more about the current workshop for April and May 2016.