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Hi there!

Greenbird Living is where I get to share inspiration for living a wholesome and holistically healthy life.

I am passionate about living a full and vital life, and I share this joy through this website, giving inspiring health talks and running cooking workshops. I also work with individuals, families and groups of all ages on getting to balanced health. If you’re interested in working with me, then please take a look at my WORK WITH ME pages which you’ll find in the above menu.

I’ve been interested in health for a long time. When I was ten years old I became a vegetarian, and from my teen years onwards I have been enjoying many different ways of eating and discovering for myself what health feels like. I used to eat a lot of raw foods, and so whole and raw foods still play a huge part in my view of a healthy diet. I also now include healthy fats, fish, cooked foods, and homemade goodies. I believe that health works on a spectrum. If you aim for whole and natural in your diet AND in your life, then health will soon follow.


I hope you find Greenbird Living a source of friendly inspiration for your own wild life!

xo Rebecca


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