What Is Holistic Health?

Greenbird Living What is Holistic Health 2

My blog is about holistic health – but what exactly do I mean by that?

To me holistic health is about looking at the whole person in terms of their health and not just individual parts.

For example, if someone had a stomach ache, holistically you would not only look at their diet, but their emotional wellbeing as well.

For me holistic health takes into account physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Physical and emotional wellbeing speak for themselves.

Spiritual wellbeing for me personally, is to do with a reverential connection to nature and to the wider world around us.

When I discuss topics on this blog, I like to take a holistic view of things. I don’t just want to write about different foods and diet, although I do write about those topics. But I also like to dig deeper into the why’s and the how’s. The psychology of eating, our habits and the practical ways we can help ourselves.

I believe that most of us know exactly what a healthy diet is, and even what a healthy lifestyle is – but that doesn’t mean we do it. If we view the whole person we can find mental blocks that stop us reaching good health. Those are a big part of an individual’s health picture. We can’t simply prescribe green smoothies and hope for the best. By looking at the person in their entirety we can uncover other ways to reach balance and therefore health.

Holistic health also means that we have to see that our health is connected to the whole. The state and health of our planet is going to impact on us. If we trash it with our greed and consumerist ways, we are only trashing ourselves right along with it. A sick planet can’t sustain healthy people.

Therefor, taking a wider look at the bigger picture means that we see that buying product X is having an effect on the very water that nourishes us.

Looking through holistic eyes make us see that everything we do has a consequential effect, and will come back to us eventually. Be that our daily habits, the way we shop or how we talk to our friends. Life isn’t linear. Life isn’t one path going off into the distance where whatever you do at one point just vanishes away into the future.

Life is circular. Everything comes back around again. We are all connected, and everything we do is connected.


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